Here we go – 14.0!!!!

We are baaaaack! It’s our first workshop of 2020 together so yalla – you know you want to.

**If you are curious about this event and not sure what to expect, its a multilevel class with something for everyone. It provides a foundation to learning Middle Eastern rhythms with dance technique which is very important as we use these rhythms every time we dance to a song! It helps give you some tools for listening and identifying rhythms and applying movement. Tim Gerwing provides valuable insight on how to identify these rhythms and breaks them down so that you can see how they are formed. Regardless of your level, this workshop offers a lot of information.

February 9 2020

11am – 2pm  The Arc: 1701 Powell St. Vancouver, Canada

Early bird prices $65 til January 15, $75 after. If you are an alumni member, early bird price $55 til January 15, then $65 after.

PM me or email me at to snag your spot!