Vinetas del Mozaico – Mar 1, 2015

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Viñetas del Mozaico

Sunday, March 1, 2015 – 3pm and 8pm

Scotiabank Dance Centre, 677 Davie Street, Vancouver

Tickets: $25 adult, $20 senior/student, $15 children

*$3 discount for advanced ticket sales NOW

(Vancouver BC) – Mozaico Flamenco Dance Theatre and New Works are proud to present the second installment of audience favourite Viñetas del Mozaico. A colourful flamenco dance spectacular, directed by Kasandra “La China”, that showcases a dozen performers in twelve dance vignettes, world percussionists and new belly dance/flamenco fusion with one of Vancouver’s foremost belly dancers, Ashley Kirkham. The show celebrates virtuosity and expression, through the use of Spanish castanets and zills, Chinese fans & silk veils, Sevillan shawls and rapid-fire footwork!

Each piece in Viñetas del Mozaico is carefully crafted, individually coloured and brilliantly conceived. Each work fits in place to create a larger picture informed by an artistic vision that unifies diversity under an overarching expressive form: flamenco. The result is a dazzling, innovative presentation of an impressive array of cultural, musical and aesthetic influences.

This second installment, Viñetas del Mozaico will also feature the provocative choreography by Kasandra “La China”, co-founder of Mozaico Flamenco and Andrea Williams, the creator of Raices y Alas, who is pushing boundaries with her contemporary approach to flamenco. Andrea will be dancing with mantón and bata de cola.

Viñetas del Mozaico also brings to the forefront, flamenco percussion by Davide Sampaolo from Rome who showcases his virtuosity with “cajón”, the flamenco drum box. We compare, contrast and compliment flamenco cajón with Vancouver’s Tim Gerwing on darbouka, the traditional accompaniment for belly dance, oriental and tribal dance.

Mozaico Flamenco Dance Theatre is a dance company with a reputation for challenging cultural and artistic stereotypes in flamenco. First formed in 1972 by acclaimed flamenco maestro, Oscar Nieto, the company was re-established in 2003 as a collaboration between Nieto and Kasandra “La China”. Since its beginnings, Mozaico Flamenco has tested the boundaries of traditional flamenco by challenging the notion that only Spanish gitanos (gypsies) can achieve purity in this art and by infusing classic forms with unexpected influences such as jazz, pop, and Latin rhythms. Viñetas del Mozaico continues and extends the Mozaico legacy, pushing the boundaries of flamenco in new, innovative directions, blending world music and visual artistry with the rhythms, passion and technical discipline of flamenco dance.

Viñetas del Mozaico imagines a varied cultural mixture. It is a collection of a dozen unique dance vignettes that expands the Spanish context to include influences from some surprisingly diverse sources. Each piece showcases a new inspiration, a new exploration, and a new interpretation of flamenco artistry. This unique performance promises to transport audiences to a magical, imaginative place anything can happen! Here is a sneak peek behind the curtain at some of the pleasures that await:

Contemporary flamenco dance by Kasandra “La China” with rapid-fire footwork to Davide Sampaolo on cajon.

Haunting dance solo by Andrea Williams, with the beautifully embroidered fringed shawls called “Manton de Manila” with Chinese pattern.

Traditional bellydance by Ashley Kirkham accompanied by Tim Gerwing (darbouka)

Flamenco fusion with bellydance with ghostly white flowing fan veils and silk scarves.

A dramatic, bold percussive duel between two drumming masters, Davide Sampaolo (cajón) and Tim Gerwing (darbouka)

Graceful classical Spanish dance with castanets juxtaposed with modern flamenco piano.

Viñetas del Mozaico
Sunday, March 1, 2015 – Matinee 3:00pm, Evening 8:00pm
Scotiabank Dance Centre, Faris Family Studio
677 Davie Street, Vancouver, BC

Tickets: $25 adult, $20 senior/student, $15 children
*$3 discount for advanced ticket sales.
**Watch for promos!

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Samar Oriental Dance Ensemble at the Kino Cafe – Feb 8, 2015

Samar Oriental Dance Ensemble (Ashley, Tim Gerwing & Liam MacDonald) will be performing at the Kino Cafe February 8 2015 as part of the flamenco fundraiser for the SPCA.

The show will start at 8pm and feature 3 sets of local professional and student flamenco dancers along with musicians.  

Samar Oriental Dance Ensemble will be bringing something different to the roster this evening, and this will be their first show for a flamenco audience.

Photo by: Dan Poh
Samar Oriental Dance Ensemble

Upcoming Events!

September 26, 2014: Ashley will be competing in the Safar Conference of Middle Eastern Dance & Music on Friday, September 26.  Show starts at 6:30pm at the Westin Wall Centre Vancouver Airport 3099 Corvette Way Richmond, BC.  For show and ticket information, please see the Safar website.

anwaar 3

Ashley and Carla Naar (“Anwaar Dance Co“) have a variety of performances coming up with their Student Performance company “Anwaar Student Performance Group“.

September 27, 2014:  Brilliant!  Fashion Fundraiser for St. Paul’s Hospital at the Commodore Ballroom. For show and ticket information, please see – this is an event that sells out every year!
October 4, 2014:  Bliss Project Fundraiser 4.0  at the Capri Hall in Vancouver, BC.   A night of magic, art, dance, performance, food, and more!  One of the funnest nights in town, all for a good cause! For Bliss Project information, please see

October 25, 2014: Anwaar Dance Company & Student Performance Group present “Badeya” (Beginning) at the Scotiabank Dance Centre Theatre from 7-9pm.  This show will feature Anwaar student dancers, as well as local professional dancers.  Tickets are $18 and can be bought direct from Ashley or Carla directly.   Please buy your tickets early as this show will sell out!

Fusion Fest – July 20, 2014

Ashley is pleased to announce that she will be performing at Holland Park in Surrey, BC at the annual Fusion Festival which celebrates cultural music, food and dances from all over the world.  Ashley will be performing at the Chevron Stage at 3pm for the Lebanese Cultural Association.  It is free to get in, and set to be sunny so come on down!!

Photo by Pixie Visions

Photo by Pixie Visions

Randa Kamel Intensive Course – Dallas, Texas 2014

Ashley placed 2nd Place in the Randa Kamel Crown Competition in Dallas, Texas July 2014.

Ashley placed 2nd Place in the Randa Kamel Crown Competition in Dallas, Texas July 2014.

Ashley completed the 24 hour Randa Kamel Egyptian intensive dance course and placed second in the Randa Kamel Crown competition!  Ashley is very honoured to have been selected from so many amazing and talented dancers, and this will inspire her to further her training with Randa Kamel in authentic Egyptian Oriental dance.

Ashley is going to Dallas, Texas!

After a whirlwind of dance events since arriving back from Egypt, Ashley is preparing to go to Dallas, Texas from

July 9 – 14 2014  for a 4 day intensive and competition with the one and only Randa Kamel !

This 4 day intensive is an extensive course covering the fundamentals of oriental dance.  Ashley is very excited to be studying with Randa again!

Photo by Tracey Gibbs

Photo by Tracey Gibbs


Ya Helwa – June 22, 2014

Ashley is pleased to announce that Samar Oriental Dance Ensemble will be a featured performer at the Ya Helwa Showcase at the Rickshaw Theatre on June 22, 2014.  This is the 3rd year for Ya Helwa, and is held by Vancouver’s lovely Rahel.  The evening will feature performances by Rahel’s students and  Vancouver’s professional dancers.  It is NOT a show to be missed!

For show or ticket info, please see





Ashley is back from Egypt!



Ashley has just returned from the Raqs of Course Belly Dance Festival held in Cairo, Egypt and had an amazing time!  The Raqs of Course Festival is held by the incredible Randa Kamel and Mohamad Shahin, and spanned 8 days of intensive dance training with teachers from all over the globe, including Canada’s Yasmina Ramzy!


Ashley had the opportunity to compete in her first competition, and while she did not place, it was an incredible opportunity.  Ashley is looking forward to returning to this festival again next year.