Dances for a Small Stage – Salon Series

March 24 & 25, 2016

Ashley will be joining the Dances for a Small Stage team for the first time!  Very exciting to be onboard this project full of incredible, contemporary artists.

gathering | incubating | creating | connecting  

Dance is a common language that transcends barriers in unique and exciting ways.   This latest series explores trans-cultural contemporary art.

Come join us for Happy Hour – come hang out with us before the show, take a few mini-workshops and get a sneak peak about the show.

5-7pm – Happy Hour $15  |  8pm – Show + Food $35

THEME – deconstruct
Scheherazaad Cooper  |  Tarun Nayar  |  Sammy Chien  |  Dayna Szyndrowski  |
Kirsten Wicklund  |  Vanessa Goodman  |  Ashley Kirkham
Emcee- Burgundy Brixx