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I am PERFECT & I am ENOUGH Campaign

I am PERFECT & I am ENOUGH! In the world of social media, it’s easy to caught up in the carefully curated and crafted images and text we see. As a performer / I’m guilty of it too. But the rabbit hole happens more often then not and I get swallowed in by the things I’m not doing, the looks I don’t have and the adventures I’m not on. Life always seems better and more exciting online lol but I’m starting to realize maybe it isn’t? We all have struggles, problems, issues. And that’s ok. And it’s ok to be vulnerable and honest about it because if we don’t talk about it, what we resist persists.

As a woman, I feel the weight of media expectations and beauty norms all the time. This is something that I have struggled with as long as I remember. I did not feel good in my body until these last few years (and even then I can still find things to complain about!) and I see my little cousins who are teenagers struggling with self-acceptance in a time where they should be enjoying life and being free. This conditioning happens at a very young age – I won’t even go into the gender norms here as I may be here all day! But trust me – I wear a weight on my shoulders alot of the time around self-acceptance and even though I am working on it, it is hard to remove my own personal history not to mention the history of my ancestors before me. Epigenetics is a thing and we can carry trauma, thoughts, feelings and emotions from our lineage.

So when Joharah of BellyUP Bellydance Studio asked me to take part in this “I am PERFECT & I am ENOUGH” campaign, I agreed because I need this reminder everyday, and so does my people.

We are perfect and we are enough.

Say it to yourself, write it on your hand, put it on your fridge, sing it in the car. Let’s rise up and remember that what we see online is not the whole picture or story

“I am Perfect & I am Enough”!

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