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[An Open Letter to the Unconventional Woman] – Susan Crawford

Guest Author Susan Crawford

[An Open Letter to the Unconventional Woman]

I see you.

The one who goes against the grain.

The one who doesn’t fit in the box.

The one who likes to do things just a little bit different.

The one who never takes the easy road.

I see you.

You are strong, confident and grounded.

You are a go-getter, a do-er, a visionary.

You are a pioneer, a trailblazer, a leader.

I see you.

But here’s what people don’t see.

You don’t feel like you fit.

You try to make other people comfortable in your presence because you can be “too much”.

You try to conform to social pressures because that’s what “successful” women do.

You try to play small, go with the flow and maintain the status quo, because that’s what’s expected of you.

You put a smile on your face and do your thing, knowing deep down you are not being completely honest with yourself.

You just want to live YOUR life, YOUR way.

I see you.

I am you.

Can you relate?

Only other Unconventional Women will understand.

Others think you’re impulsive, too passionate, or maybe even a bit restless.

They think that because you like LOTS of things, that you can’t focus on ONE thing.

They think that if you just dress more conservatively, tie your big curly hair up, and talk the talk, that you will go far.

But that’s not for you.

You are done pretending that you WANT to fit in.

You are done playing someone else’s game.

You are done acting like you’re ok with trying to be something/someone you are not.

Congratulations, you Unconventional Woman.

You are in good company.

P!nk. Tracee Ellis Ross. Oprah. Lady Gaga. Moana.

The list goes on.

Who in your life is an Unconventional Woman?

How does she inspire you to break free from the norm?

What do you need to do to unleash your superpower?

It’s time.

YOUR time.

I see you.

Don’t be afraid to be yourself.

Don’t hold back to make other people comfortable.

If you don’t like the path, blaze your own trail.

Create the life you want.

This is an open letter to the Unconventional Woman.

Be unf*ckwithable.

If you’re an unconventional woman who is ready to break out of “the Box” of pressures and expectations that society, your family, peers and sometimes even YOU have lived in – join Susan Crawford for the Unlock Your Life Masterclass. A 6 week program to help you disrupt, reimagine and create a life of freedom.


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