Baladi Basics

FINALLY Its happening! Ashley Rhianne Baladi Basics!

Baladi can be difficult to work with because of the different rhythms and melodies, the dance technique, body positions and the attitude. Baladi is commonly done in social settings and is usually improvised with the movements based off the instruments. Raqs Baladi (baladi dance) is a style all of its own, and is considered a precursor to the commonly known raqs sharqi of today.

What does Baladi mean?

Baladi means “my country” and can be referred to many things – baladi bread (ayesh baladi) , baladi girl (bint il balad), baladi music.

Ashley Rhianne Baladi Basics

I am pleased to offer a 4 week baladi course pulling apart and working with baladi technique, the various styles, & music.

Classes will be offered on Zoom.

This 4 week session starts Tuesday September 8 and runs to September 29th from 730-830pm PST for $60CDN.

Payment via etransfer or Paypal (send as friends and family only). The link will be sent out after payment and will be used for the duration of the course.

A recording will be sent out to those who miss class or want to take it.

Want more information or to register?

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