The Third Trimester – Pregnancy Update

33 weeks prenatal pilates session

The third trimester – my 34 week pregnancy update.

Its been a long while since I did a pregnancy update – mainly because life has been insanely busy but also because while I am grateful for a healthy pregnancy, I have found this process incredibly difficult.

I am now 34 weeks pregnant & staring down the end of my pregnancy journey. It has gone by both fast & slow at the same time. It feels like I have been pregnant forever but the weeks roll by so quickly. In theory, I have been pregnant really since February as I was pregnant for a short time prior to this current pregnancy.

I am still experiencing nausea pretty much everytime I eat – some days are worse than others but overall there is an overarching sensation of feeling sick & getting a terrible taste in my mouth everytime I eat or drink something. Some days, even water makes me ill. As someone who thrived on salads, clean foods & a ton of water and health drinks, this has been such a challenge. Food aversions started right at the 6 week mark & haven’t really left although some of my aversions have softened. I have managed to eat 2 (yes 2!) salads in the past week that did not make me overly ill but I am still not inclined to eat them.

Bread, butter & cheese have been my mainstay foods throughout this pregnancy paired with full fat yogurt, eggs & baked goods. Its been such a process to accept that this is what it is for me & I can hope that my desire to eat healthy will return once I pop out this little boy.

My self esteem & confidence have taken a huge beating throughout this pregnancy – I have honestly never felt so disconnected & unattractive in my life! Skin tags, dark moles, a huge influx of cellulite & weight gain have made me feel pretty gross. My self esteem has been really at an all-time low despite constant reassurance from my amazing & hugely supportive husband. Googling “self esteem during pregnancy” has brought me to many blogs written by women who share the same worries, laments, feelings & thoughts & I have found this hugely helpful. There is a real stigma about having anything but positive feelings & thoughts around being pregnant and I have been glad to find some reassurance that what I am feeling is normal.

I have taken a large step away from being on social media in the past few weeks as I found that now that Covid life is returning to normal, I am getting more triggered seeing people get super fit, traveling, taking dance classes & generally celebrating life. Removing this social media trigger has put a few things in perspective for me & has also made me realize that I was spending A TON of time & energy on it trying to gain approval, likes & follows. Real life is happening in front of me but yet I was living for the virtual validation of the things I was doing & portraying. While I make an effort to be authentic, you cannot help but curate your feed with the more postive and inspiring parts of your life, which was in some cases a tiny detail or inclusion. Finding balance is tricky, especially as I am someone who is all-or-nothing. So this gentle removal of sharing myself & my life has been necessary but yet still a bit hard.

My anxiety has reared its ugly head several time thorughout this journey, with the worst of it being a few weeks ago. Third trimester insomnia coupled with the stress of having a lot on my plate meant that I was waking up at 3am unable to go back to bed. And so I would lay there drowning in my fear about the big transition I have chosen to undertake & how it will affect the life I have currently. I have been in touch with a reproductive psychiatrist who recommended CBT as an immediate therapy & I will be speaking with a counsellor this week as well. I have a lot of fear about the postpartum fourth trimester & so want to get prepared & equipped as much as possible prior to that journey.

What I am grateful for is that overall I have been able to maintain as much as my “normal” life as possible (well up until recently). I still aim to workout 3-5 times a week with resistance- based exercises, pilates & teaching my dance classes. Its only been the last few weeks that I have backed off a bit as I have been too fatigued to either wake up & go or just go in general. I am still able to walk somewhat comfortably ( just put me in proximity of a loo though!) and I haven’t really experienced too much back or hip pain. I am getting leg cramps at night & do sleep with a pregnancy pillow now (THE BEST!) but overall my health has been pretty good. My initial goal was to only gain 25 pounds for whole pregnancy but I am at that now with still 7 weeks-ish to go. I was pretty disappointed in myself but since I am living off baked goods & butter I guess this isn’t too bad overall! As I continue to progress into these final weeks, I am aiming to still get in as many steps as I can at least & to try my best to hit the gym. While I am not hitting any PBs, at least doing something physical helps me feel connected to my old self. I wish I was one of those pregnancy influencer types that only gains weight in their belly but I am just not that person!

My abs have separated to accommodate this growing boy but I am not sure at this time to what degree. I am hopeful that between my pilates awareness & hopeful strong core prior to pregnancy that I will be able to heal this easily & smoothly but I guess time will tell. I am still taking time to connect with my core thorughout the day & am working with a pelvic floor physio to help me both prepare for labour but to also prepare me for the postpartum journey. I have been able to connect with amazing resources along this journey & thankful that I have benefits that will definitely come in handy!

Every day that passes I am both more anxious about the transition to motherhood & relieved that I will soon be finished with this pregnancy journey. It has been a very reflective, intense, humbling, uncomfortable, amazing & sad process that has given me greater understand of the sacrifices mothers make in order to bring a child into this world. It forces you to become selfless where you were selfish before & take everything into consideration. Suddenly your life is no longer your own, even in these in utero days & this conciousness is the beginnng of the transition to the greater good. I have more compassion for women who pivot into this motherhood role & place their own needs second. I have compassion for fathers who stand by feeling & looking helpless despite their best efforts because they are on the outside of this new world.

I am grateful for the partner I have chosen to do this with & even more grateful that we will just do this once.

What was your pregnancy journey like? How did it affect the way you felt about yourself? Did you love the process or did you find it difficult?

Being a Beginner Takes Courage

Being a Beginner Takes Courage
Do you remember your first dance class?
What brought you to this class? What internal drive caused you look up the class time table, to pack your bag, to step foot into the studio?

How did you feel to suddenly realize you know nothing about what you were about to do, to suddenly be a beginner?

Being a beginner is scary. Being a beginner takes COURAGE.

As a confession, I haven’t handled this experience well as a more advanced dancer. It is humbling to step back and put yourself back in the vulnerable position of knowing nothing.
It is something that I am working on by working on Instagram challenges, taking  online classes and pulling out material to train.  But this practice will be ongoing for my whole dance life.

As a soon-to-be-mother, recognizing that I am going into a Brand New Role of totally unknown territory is incredibly scary. I will be starting at the base – every child is so different and I have no reference of what to do compared to others.  It is a very scary position to be in.  Being a beginner takes courage.

BUT.  Every class you take, every book you read, every day that passes we become less & less of a beginner.  We start to grow through the adversity, through the struggle, through the sleepless nights.  We gain experience. We learn coping mechanisms.  We cry, we fall, we stand up again.  We show up time and time again to evolve from day 1.

Accepting we know nothing will allow us to grow into something.

For those of you (like me!) that hold ourselves back from doing that thing we want to do but we are too scared – JUST DO IT. Just try it.  Every single person that inspires us was once a novice.

Here is a listen for you if you are in this boat!

Being a Beginner
Artists for JoyListen on Apple Podcasts: me and let me know if you have felt this feeling & how you dealt with it. I would love to hear & learn from your experience!

I have also released my first prenatal pilates video on YT!  Please click here to see it & share to someone who you know that is pregnant!  If you haven’t subscribed to my channel, please subscribe & help me get to 1k subscribers so that I can monetize my channel <3

Pregnant! Now what???

Since getting pregnant, I have gotten lost trying to navigate this crazy world! I decided to compile a list of services that I am using so far along my journey to help you in finding your way.

Here are a list of resources, & support to help you if you are either on this journey OR if you are thinking about it! I am constantly adding to this list so keep checking back!


It was important for us from the beginning to find a midwife team that would be able to care for our needs & ultimately provide the best care for the baby. We settled on Strathcona Midwifery Collective in East Vancouver based on a few referrals & recommendations.


I am still sourcing out a good athletic prenatal program (let me know if you got one in Vancouver!) but here are a few things I am currently doing:

Katie Crew Maternity Program – I have been doing the gym program 3 days a week in addition to whatever else I have going on. The program also gives you a home program as well and its $99 for lifetime access!

Zack Fitness Personal Training – I have been training with Zack since 2019 and see him 1:1 one day per week. He offers online classes as well every morning and is guaranteed to make you move!

Pilates Process Vancouver – Great classes and 1:1 attention!

Mama Method Pilates – I am currently working through the Prenatal Basics program and find it a great way to keep myself inspired & aligned.

Physiotherapy, Accupuncture & Chiro

I see the amazing doctors at Chiro Culture in East Van – they are VERY experienced with pregnancy & post-natal clients and even treat your babies & dogs!

The Cheerful Pelvis – a MUST for women in all ages of life!

The Village Acupuncture – a soothing clinic that helps rebalance, calm & nurture. Women owned & run.


At time of writing I am still squeezing into my clothes but I have bought a few things! This will change for sure as the weeks roll by – feel free to message me with your fave spots to get clothing!

Blanqi – often feature great sales!

Skin Care

I went back to Paula’s Choice & followed their pregnancy recommendations for skin care! Here are their list of must-haves!

Please feel free to email me to tell me about YOUR fave place, service or resource you used while pregnant!

Big News!!

Big news!! Well if you are on my mailing list you know that I dropped a bomb on everyone last week – I am 14 weeks pregnant with my first (and only!) child!

Big News!  Baby Winter coming winter 2021!
Me & my momma!

Its been a REALLY crazy experience so far as I never wished to walk the motherhood road. I was pretty happy with my life until I met my now-husband and suddenly I started wishing to have this experience with him. Its a big change for both of us and I think we are both kinda like “Whaaaat?” although he is definitely taking it more in stride than I am. This is big news for both of us for sure!

Being someone very health conscious, I always thought IF I got pregnant that I would be able to still eat the way I wanted, workout & train as normal and basically live life the same except with a cute baby bump.

Well sadly this hasn’t been the case! Early on I experienced nausea and food aversions which has meant I haven’t touched a salad or greens now in nearly 4 months, can’t stand the smell or taste of coffee or most scented teas (bye chai 🙁 ), and all I want to eat is carbs and treats like banana bread and chips. Its been a COMPLETE 180 and to be honest quite a hard thing to wrap my head around.

I am nearly 15 weeks and still experiencing these symptoms except it has expanded to anything scented (makes me ill). I am pretty much off the bread train now but my diet has been the worst its been pretty much since I was an unhealthy vegetarian teen.

I have been able to maintain most of my fitness for the majority mind you exercising in masks has been difficult so I have lost alot of my cardio. There are days when I drag myself to the gym and it helps me feel better, some days I just focus on form and don’t break a sweat. I am still teaching pilates so I try to incorporate some pilates into my week when I can. Other days, I am resting.

Being pregnant has required me to start to surrender and give up what I am used to. Its a hard thing for me to process as I am definitely very much in control of my life ha ha so I don’t like giving up easily. I have been told many times that this is just the beginning – I am going to get schooled hard I think.

As for my teaching & dance life, everything is still on as planned for this year. I will finish my fall session end of November as normal and will break until March. I have 2 bookings in October – Raqs Quebec & Kelowna so will still be teaching these. I hope to run a few workshops here in Vancouver for Dance to the Beat of the Drum with my sidekick Tim Gerwing and possibly a tarab workshop.

I will be teaching pilates until the bitter end and hope to see some 1:1 privates post-partum. I am working out of a home studio in East Van (please see my CLASSES page for details) so if you would like reformer training, I gotchu!

If you are wanting privates for pilates or dance please book with me soon as my schedule is already filling up ö.

Any advice for this wary first time mom? Please comment below!