Ashley Rhianne Presents: Tarab

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Ashley Rhianne Presents: Tarab

Tarab Workshop with Ashley Rhianne!


Ashley Rhianne presents “Tarab” her first in-person workshop since 2020!
This 3 hour workshop will cover a choreography to “Andah Aleik” that participants can use to train & perform.  We will be learning this dance found here.


What is Tarab?
Tarab is the emotional expression & experience found in music, often known as ecstasy.  This feeling can be from the singer to the audience, from the audience to the singer or everyone all together!  Om Kalsoum was particularly noted to experience tarab during her hour long songs.  This ecstasy can bring everyone into a trance or flow state – this experience cannot be adequately described but FELT.
This workshop will teach a choreography that will focus on musicality & technique as well as the emotion & feeling that is characterized by tarab. Lyrics will be provided to all participants.


Early Bird pricing on now!
$70 until January 15
$85 after January 15


February 5 2023
11am – 2pm
162 West 1st Ave
Bard on the Beach BMO Theatre Centre
Studio C


To register:
Pay here! Pls send as Friends & Family only (payments not sent as this will be refunded)
Registration will be complete upon payment.


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