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Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the most common questions for dance performances. Or please contact me with any other questions.
What does a typical bellydance show look like?

A typical belly dance show is about 20-25 minutes.  About half of the performance is a solo performance, and the other half is interacting with the guests-of-honor and the guests at the event, unless otherwise specified.  Ashley typically enters with a veil and performs the first song as a solo performance, followed by a solo sword balancing act.  Depending on the show requirements, Ashley will them begin the audience participating component of the performance, inviting people to dance and creating a lively atmosphere.  Ashley typically finishes with a drum solo, but she might drag someone along to perform that with her!

Are there any additional fees?

Yes there could be additional fees depending on location of the event.  Ashley also allows a grace period of waiting time of 20 minutes, but after that she charges $40 per 20 minutes of waiting time.  Ashley usually has multiple bookings and  firmly encourages clients to decide on a time that they would like the entertainment to happen before booking.  If the performance  wait time is running over into Ashley’s travel time to another show, Ashley may perform a shorter set for the same price or leave the event with full pay.  It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that the performance is scheduled into the program of events.

Are children allowed to dance during show?

Absolutely!  Children love to dance and are firmly encouraged by Ashley to come and dance on the dance floor!

What is a typical bellydance costume?

A typical bellydance costume is made up of a heavily decorated top and belt with a skirt and accessories.  Most costumes are designed and made in Egypt or Turkey.  If the event has conservative members of a family present or if a more ethnic look is required, Ashley will do her best to accommodate. Please discuss this in advance when booking so that the appropriate arrangements can be made.

Is tipping appropriate?

Tips are never required, but appreciated.  Ashley does not accept tips in the bra, but money can be placed in her belt, put on the floor or given at the end of the performance.   Please be respectful when tipping.  If Ashley feels uncomfortable with the method of tipping, she reserves the right to end the show with full pay.