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If you can dream, then you can dance!!!!!

Ashley Rhianne is now offering performance, competition and personal growth/practice coaching. She can offer this in person or electronically via Skype, Whatsapp and Facetime. Due to her extensive experience performing competing and judging both nationally and internationally, she has a keen eye for detail and can help embellish, clean, and offer options for your performance and training. Ashley Rhianne gives kind, honest and thorough feedback so that you can grow in your dance. Ashley Rhianne also offers performance preparation coaching in addition to these services so that you can shine onstage!

Needing a choreography but feel stuck? Ashley Rhianne is able to craft a choreography working with you on technique; musicality; emotion & feeling; lyrics and more. All styles welcome!

In person private classes are run in her Vancouver studio and can either be done hourly or as a package. Please contact Ashley Rhianne for more information.

Ashley Rhianne has judged at the following events & festivals: Isadora Cup 2017 (Kiev, Ukraine); Bellyfolklore 2017 & 2018 (Quito, Ecuador); Oriental Passion Saigon 2018 & 2019 (Saigon, Vietnam); Moondance Shimmy with Tito Seif 2019 (Grande Prairie, AB); Miami Bellydance Convention 2019 (Miami); Helwa Dancers (2015 – present).


*Ashley Rhianne is a super amazing person, coach, instructor, and a dancer! I have known Ashley over 4 years. Since then, she gave me a tremendously valuable and very generous feedback on improving my dance technique and style. She was always open and honest which to me it was very important. I must add, that Ashley’s style of teaching/providing a feedback is very motivating. I took her workshops and master classes, mostly, to enrich my dance knowledge, for I know she is always up to date and has the greatest mentors on today’s bellydance/Oriental dance scene (Mohamed Shahin, Randa Kamal to name a few). Ashley is also my personal jury as part of our private online classes series. We have set a goal and are going towards it gradually. She is very understanding and flexible with me as well (I am a full time mom of two, for those who understand). People are very lucky to have her as their instructor and a mentor. I truly recommend her. She does what she loves and you can really say it from a first sight ~ Juliana

*Working with Ashley has been one of the biggest honours and greatest decisions I have made. She adds such unique flavours to her choreographies that combine all her years of experience in dance in Canada as much as Egypt.
She is a sweet and patient instructor, but do not let this guide your decision. When you take a class, a workshop, or exchange videos with Ashley, she will make you work to bring you to perfection. In contrast, you will feel motivated to work harder. ~ Karime

* Ashley Rhianne has coached me through creating my first raqs al assaya (stick or cane) choreography. I was inspired to try creating my own choreography after taking Ashley’s workshop on raqs al assaya. She gave me specific feedback and suggestions on my dance as I choreographed it and sent her video online. She  was knowledgeable about the music and the costuming for saidi. Ashley is a very kind and supportive coach that I loved working with and I look forward to training with her again!- Rachel Carter