Measuring progress & finding consistency

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Measuring progress & finding consistency

Three months into 2023 check in- HOW ARE YOU?

By now statistically many of the NY resolutions we clearly chose to frame our year start dropping as enthusiasm & energy wanes.

Life happens, we get sick, the nights are dark early and we are tired AF. Life seems to be a little less full of luster.

You might not have the drive to complete the 45m training class you booked in or you want to cancel that rehearsal. However, remember that even taking a tiny step is progress.

Progress is not linear – its a whole bunch of fluctuations that lead to consistency which leads to RESULTS.

It IS hard to see the forest for the trees, and our progress might be so small that it is unnoticeable. It is frustrating not seeing results and this is what James Clear calls the “Valley of Disappointment”. However if you see the graph below, this is what is actually happening.

While in this Valley, it is easy to quit, stop, make excuses etc etc etc. However, just know that even 5 minutes of something is better than 0 minutes of nothing. So if you find yourself in this place of leaning towards releasing your goals- take a minute to reassess and reaffirm. Everything is possible!

How am I putting this into practice?

For me right now I am prioritizing flexibility & mobility because after a year of nursing and limited movement my body is foreign to me and full of weird aches & pains related to muscle tightness.

Getting to a regular yoga class is not top on my list so I am waking up 15 minutes earlier and stretching 4 days a week. As someone naturally flexible this tightness has been a wake up call & it is affecting the way I move, feel and be. I have been stretching for a few weeks now and it has made a world of difference to how I feel starting my day. And plus 15 minutes is a short enough time to feel both sizeable & doable.

So keeping this in mind, what can YOU do for yourself & your goals? I would love to read! Send me an email here & tell me!

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