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The Third Trimester – Pregnancy Update

The third trimester – my 34 week pregnancy update. Its been a long while since I did a pregnancy update – mainly because life has been insanely busy but also because while I am grateful for a healthy pregnancy, I have found this process incredibly difficult. I am now 34 weeks pregnant & staring down […]

[An Open Letter to the Unconventional Woman] – Susan Crawford

Guest Author Susan Crawford [An Open Letter to the Unconventional Woman] I see you. The one who goes against the grain. The one who doesn’t fit in the box. The one who likes to do things just a little bit different. The one who never takes the easy road. I see you. You are strong, […]

The Art of Improvisation

Guest Author – Alisa Greer (USA) Today many belly dancers in the US learn our beautiful art exclusively through choreography. Choreography and drilling can be great tools for performing, learning, refining and polishing movements and establishing muscle memory. But choreography can also lead to a focus on perfectionism that doesn’t always serve us well, especially […]

2021 BellyDance Bundle!!

2021 Bellydance Bundle! I am beyond thrilled to announce this – I have been accepted as a Bellydance Bundle Contributor for 2021!! It has been one of my GOALS for the last few years to join this group of dancers & teachers & it finally happened! What is the Bellydance Bundle?? It is an AMAZING […]

When you wanna give up

I recently taught a private class & had a student get very frustrated with herself to the point she wanted to quit. She’s a lovely dancer with training but hadn’t danced much at all during the past year (just restarted my virtual class this past spring). I offered her a spot in my semi-private group […]

Things you should be discussing with your students

Are you discussing these ethics with your students?  While it can be an awkward  discussion, as teachers it is important for us to share this information so that we set our students up with information & common practices that they may not be aware of. Here are a few things you should be discussing with your […]

That 70’s Bellydance Show – Retro Raqs

A TRIBUTE TO THE 70s Bringing you Egyptian, Turkish and Lebanese dance from this often forgotten about era!Ashley Rhianne will be performing in the Retro-Raqs Online Gala Production – That 70’s Bellydance Show October 23, 2021! This weekend will be an all-star studded weekend featuring Shahrzad (Egypt/USA), Esmeralda (Brazil), Azad Khan (Turkey/Germany) and is hosted […]