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  The History of Shik Shak Shok   This song is probably one of the well known songs that seems to surpass every culture.  It is played at every celebratory event - from parties to nightclubs to weddings to ladies only events.  It has lasted over 50 years and shows no sign of

Egypt - Om al Dunya RECAP I am JUST back from an epic trip to Cairo and holy cow, it was EPIC. It was my 1st trip back in over 4 years and while Egypt doesn’t usually change much, I noticed ALOT of changes this time round. There have new additions in the

Raqs baladi / baladi dance  is characterized by the rich & playful accordion, flirty funky percussion, and that general demeanour of a strong sassy dancer. First off - the world 'balad' / 'baladi' means "country, my country". You can find baladi bread, baladi dogs, baladi vegetables in Egypt everywhere.  It means

  I just had my first student compete in a festival in Cairo - the  Cleopatra Dance Fest in which I was a coordinator for. My student, who is a fastly rising star here in Vancouver, worked tirelessly for months before this competition & I was in awe watching her manage a

 I was teaching an essential beginners pilate class recently to a group of absolute beginners - as in 1-3 classes of experience.  After class the group hung out for a few minutes talking when I walked in.  One woman who I have taught 3 times told me that her first

Why Musicality? “Dance is music made visible” - George Balanchine Dancers & instructors often reference the importance of musicality in our dance but what is it REALLY? And why is it important?  Do we really need it in dance? How do you define musicality? Read on to find out… What is musicality? Musicality is

It is SPRING! As the world slowly awakens from its dark slumber, fresh green shoots are popping up through the hard ground. Crocuses have yawned their way into the sunlight & the evening sun now stretches. It is hands down my favourite time of year. It is another time for reflection, taking stock &