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Why Dancers Should Cross-Train

My personal philosophy of why dancers should cross-train As someone who has danced all her life, movement has always held a huge part of interest, investment & therapy. It’s been the place where I always could meet people and make friends, channel my energy & also learn and grow. Here I also learned discipline and […]

I am PERFECT & I am ENOUGH Campaign

I am PERFECT & I am ENOUGH! In the world of social media, it’s easy to caught up in the carefully curated and crafted images and text we see. As a performer / I’m guilty of it too. But the rabbit hole happens more often then not and I get swallowed in by the things […]

Baladi Basics

FINALLY Its happening! Ashley Rhianne Baladi Basics! Baladi can be difficult to work with because of the different rhythms and melodies, the dance technique, body positions and the attitude. Baladi is commonly done in social settings and is usually improvised with the movements based off the instruments. Raqs Baladi (baladi dance) is a style all […]