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  I just had my first student compete in a festival in Cairo - the  Cleopatra Dance Fest in which I was a coordinator for. My student, who is a fastly rising star here in Vancouver, worked tirelessly for months before this competition & I was in awe watching her manage a

Big news!! Well if you are on my mailing list you know that I dropped a bomb on everyone last week - I am 14 weeks pregnant with my first (and only!) child! Me & my momma! Its been a REALLY crazy experience so far as I never wished to walk the

Ashley Rhianne is excited to announce that she will be performing and judging at Julia Farid's top caliber festival - Isadora Cup in Kiev, Ukraine November 2 - 5 2017!  Ashley Rhianne will be performing alongside Mohamed Shahin (Egypt / USA), Mercedes Nieto (Hungary), Julia Farid (Ukraine), Marta Korzun (Ukraine),