Thank You Miami Bellydance Convention!

Thank you MBC!  Ashley Rhianne was a featured guest instructor, performer and judge at the 2019 Miami Bellydance Convention.  It was an AMAZING weekend!  A Huge thank to Nathalie Hatab and the MBC Dream Team for this invitation and for all the students who attended my workshop!  It was also great meeting Oscar Flores, Aaliah, Yamil Annum and seeing Nada El masreya again <3 Until next time!


MBC workshop MBC

Ashley Rhianne in Kelowna, BC April 13 & 14 2019

Ashley Rhianne will be teaching and performing in Kelowna, BC April 13 – 14 . For workshop and show information, please check the Facebook event page:

For Registration Information:

Contact Linda at


Ashley Rhianne at Miami Bellydance Convention 2019



Ashley Rhianne is thrilled to be a guest artist and teacher at the 2019 Miami Bellydance Convention.  Thank you to the Miami Bellydance Convention team for this amazing invitation!  For festival information, please contact Ashley Rhianne Click here to be directed to the festival website.  She would love to see you there!

Ashley Rhianne at Bellyfolklore in Quito, Ecuador

Ashley Rhianne taught at Bellyfolklore Festival this year alongside Mohamed Kazafy, Esmeralda and Oksana Almaz.  It was an incredible event and opportunity to be an instructor at this festival!  Thank you to the Bellyfolklore team for this invitation!


Ashley Rhianne’s Raqs of Course Perfomance

Ashley Rhianne was a featured guest artist at Raqs of Course 2018 in Cairo, Egypt.  To see her performance, please click here.Capture0202

Ashley Rhianne – Raqs of Course 2018

It has come full circle – 5 years ago Ashley Rhianne ventured to Cairo on her own to attend her first festival in Egypt, the beginning of Raqs of Course put on by Randa Kamel and Mohamed Shahin.  5 years later she is a featured performer at the 5th anniversary!  Ashley Rhianne is incredibly honoured and humbled by this opportunity and thanks her teachers and biggest inspirations Randa Kamel & Mohamed Shahin for this opportunity. <332191635_10160410033350201_5225782684382396416_o (1)

Ashley Rhianne in Moscow, Russia July 2018

Ashley Rhianne will be teaching, performing and judging in Moscow, Russia at the Al Maren Cup Festival July 2018 sponsored by Russian superstar Marina Shishkova!  This is a huge and exciting opportunity for Ashley Rhianne and she is very grateful to join the incredible team of dancers and teachers.

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Ashley Rhianne in Saigon, Vietnam August 2018

Ashley Rhianne will be performing and judging in Saigon, Vietnam in the Oriental Passion Saigon festival August 2018!  It is a very exciting opportunity and will be Ashley Rhianne’s first time to Vietnam! A huge thank you to Linh Doan and the organizers of the festival for this incredible opportunity.

For festival information, please see the Oriental Passion Saigon Facebook page here.

oriental passion saigon